Time for the RED, WHITE & BOY BAND 4th!

And thanks to special guest CHRIS KIRKPATRICK from N'Sync

The burgers, the dogs, the brats, ALL THE BBQ… and a soundtrack that sizzles all day is on RIGHT HERE too!

Welcome to the Red, White and Boy Band 4th on Throwback Nation Radio, featuring five hours of ALL THE BEST boy bands of all time.  From New Edition and New Kids, all the way to 98 Degrees and N’Sync, the guys you crushed on back in the day are SURE to be here.

And while we’re talking N’Sync, Chris Kirkpatrick from the group will be stopping by too!  If you haven’t heard, Chris is launching a new podcast with former MTV host Brian McFayden called the Name Drop Podcast.  The concept, in his words?


And since he’s popping in on the 4th of July holiday, we MUST have a barbecue.  Who from the old group is bringing WHAT?


So much more to hear with Chris – and SO MANY GREAT BOY BANDS to share too!  Turn ’em up with us on the Red, White and Boy Band 4th – and have a safe, happy, HEALTHY 4th of July!

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