WHOA, we’re halfway there… but let’s stop at BON JOVI’S REST STOP!

He's among several Throwback artists and celebs to get a special honor in New Jersey

We all know Jon Bon Jovi is a PROUD New Jersey-ian.  After all, he named one of his band’s biggest albums after his home state.  Well now, The Garden State is showing some love back to Jon and others in an unlikely way.

New Jersey transit officials recently announced they’ll be naming the REST STOPS on the New Jersey Tollpike after famous New Jersey-ans, including Jon, Whitney Houston, James Gandolfini, and Connie Chung, among others.  Jon’s stop is in the Cheesequake area – here is the complete list of others.

And before you think old, dirty, smelly rest stops… nah.  These are the nice, new clean ones with gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants built in.  So, if you’re taking an east coast road trip and in need of a fill up or a late night snack, have no worries, you can just imagine Jon singing “I’ll Be There For You” with a bag of doritos and a cup of joe.

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