Yes, Hall & Oates is Really Over

Pop duo Hall & Oates really is kaput!

Daryl Hall was asked by Variety last week if he and Oates are done for good. “That is correct,” Hall replied.

The two former business partners, bandmates, and friends have been embroiled in a legal battle for the past couple of years. John Oates wanted to sell his half of their company, Whole Oats Enterprises. To do so, he needed Hall’s consent, but Hall did not go for that!

Both musicians are now moving on – separately.

Hall has just announced a spring/summer tour with Elvis Costello. They’ll kick things off June 2 in Oregon, traveling to California, Nevada, Illinois, and more before ending in Virginia on July 25.

Here is the link for Hall-Costello tour dates and tickets! 

For his part, Oates is about to release a new album May 17th called “Reunion,” ironically.

Oates told the Associated Press that he has also closed the book on Hall & Oates for good. “I think we accomplished so much, published more than so many people could ever have dreamed of. Having a 50-year partnership and a 50-year legacy of creating music together is, you know, it’s more than anyone could ever hope for,” he said. “I’m done. And I want to move on. I want to spend the last creative years of my life exploring things that I find interesting and things that give me personal satisfaction.”

You can get Oates’ new album and more at this link. 

And even though the group Hall & Oates is done, we can always remember the beautiful music they made together!

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