BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: Bobby Brown, the real creator of the moonwalk?

Let's investigate that rumor!

Bobby Brown has gotten quite a bad rap over the years.  With his tumultuous marriage to Whitney Houston, and the untimely death of their daughter Bobbi Kristina, Bobby’s name often gets dragged through the mud.  But, no one can deny that Bobby is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and performer.

And apparently, he’s also the creator of the moonwalk.


It’s true!

After Bobby and the gentlemen of New Edition recorded the video for “Candy Girl,” Michael asked them to his house.  As New Edition member Ralph Tresvant confirms, Bobby showed off the backwards moves that Michael later made his own… and the rest is history.



While there are earlier videos of a Moonwalk-like dance on shows like “Soul Train,” it sure looks like Bobby gave some amazing inspiration to Michael.

And the rest – well – that’s history!

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