Born To Ruff

A huge fan of Bruce Springsteen wasn’t allowed to go to the Boss’s recent concert in Scotland, so she did the next best thing: she watched over FaceTime!

Oh, did we mention the huge fan happens to be a DOG?!?

George Shaw was at Springsteen’s show in Edinburg, Scotland, and when the Boss started playing “Born to Run,” he noticed a lot of fans with their phones in the air.

He noticed one phone in particular was not recording video, instead, it was on a video call with a dog!

He said he had to capture the moment for posterity and shared it to Twitter with the caption “Woof Springsteen.”

Studies show music can have a positive impact on dogs’ behavior, and researchers agree it’s entirely likely that our four-legged friends have music preferences just like humans do!

A woman ended up responding to George’s tweet and claimed to be the one who was FaceTiming her dog. She later tweeted on her own account that “Me and Bella are loving the fame.”

The tweet also sparked lots of alternative captions… like “Dancing in the Bark,” “Bruce SpringerSpaniel,” and “Bred in the USA!”

George Shaw/GShizzy Twitter
George Shaw/GShizzy Twitter
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