ICYMI: A “Dirty Dancing” Sequel is coming

Jennifer Grey will play a big role as Executive Producer

No one puts Baby in a corner.  And finally, the woman who PLAYED Baby is getting a shot at helping to make the sequel to the original film.

First reported in summer of 2020, Lionsgate productions is working on a sequel to the original, and Jennifer Grey will executive produce and star as Baby in the remake.  As for the rest of the story, we’re not too sure.  But Grey has been alluding to a debut later in this year.

“It will be at Kellerman’s, there will be dancing, there will be a lot of music, and there will be romance,” she confirmed to ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

As for debut dates, we’ll have to wait just a little longer to get that confirmed before we re-live the time of our life.  So until then, keep your “Hungry Eyes” perked here for more details soon.

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