NKOTB’s Love Letter To Fans

Surprise! New Kids on the Block just dropped another new song from their upcoming album, “Still Kids,” and there’s a special meaning behind it!

The song is a ballad and Donnie Wahlberg said it’s all for the fans.

“The song, A Love Like This, is truly a love letter to our fans. We’ve written and recorded a song that speaks to the enduring, evolving and magical relationship that we’ve shared over the past 35 years,” said Wahlberg.

The release of the song this week coincided with NKOTB Day in Massachusetts. Then-Governor Michael Dukakis declared April 24, 1989 as NKOTB Day due to the group’s immense popularity.

Joey McIntyre said of the new album, “It says a lot about any band to make a record that has energy and passion and lightness and fun and depth – after almost 40 years together? It’s crazy.”

We’re betting Blockheads will go crazy for the new song – give it a listen!

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